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DNA Solutions | Grandparent DNA Test Kit

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DNA Solutions | Grandparent DNA Test Kit
DNA Solutions Grandparent DNA Test Kit
DNA Solutions Grandparent DNA Test Kit Contents

Informational Home Grandparent DNA Test Kit

Samples are obtained by using a buccal swab and swabbing the inside of the cheek for approximately 30 seconds.

To ensure your privacy all kits are shipped in discreet FedEx packaging addressed from Fulfillment Department.

What is a Grandparentage Test?

The child is compared to the alleged father’s mother or father (child’s grandparents).

Unlike paternity testing, relationship testing is a second degree relationship and could require additional samples to obtain a conclusive result. The mother of the child is strongly recommended for relationship testing to improve the statistics and limit the possibility of additional testing.

Completing a DNA Test is as simple as these four easy steps!

Step 1

Select Number of participants. Check out!

Step 2

Receive kit at your home within 1-2 business days and perform the collection using the instructions provided in the kit.

Step 3

Seal and ship samples back to DNA Solutions using the provided FedEx Billable Stamp.

Step 4

Obtain emailed copy of results in 1-2 business days from the date the samples were received at DNA Solutions.

Curious how the results will read? Download an example report here.

If an inconclusive result is obtained DNA Solutions will recommend submission of additional samples to improve the statistics to a conclusive report.